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High Resolution 3D Stills:

We combine 3D Studio Max rendering software with a variety of image editing tools to provide a convincing glimpse into the completed future of any project.

Broadcast Quality Animations and Walkthroughs:

Using a series of sequential stills and video editing or compositing software, we can create flybys, walkthroughs or any animation necessary to properly illuminate the principal aesthetics and functionality of any client project.

Immersive Orbital Panoramas:

In addition to a traditional still, it is possible to render an image that can be viewed as a traditional, horizontal, 360 degree, panorama or as a more immersive "fish eye", Quicktime VR movie (example).

Multimedia Authoring:

Often our clients require more than an image or video to ensure their message has adequate impact or audience penetration. When this is the case we use Macromedia's Studio MX suite or Director to create compelling interactive presentations that are more readily disseminated via internet, e-mail and CD-ROM.

Immersive Interactive Environments:

Sometimes a space or project needs to be experienced, not simply clicked or glimpsed.

In this case, Approach Design utilizes current game level editing and authoring tools to create a unique immersive experience that cements an impression only rivaled by the completed physical structure.

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